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Should I Purchase a Waterproof Dog Bed?
Does your dog like to get outdoors and get mucky? Perhaps you have a young pup or an older dog? If you answered yes to any of the above, then a waterproof dog bed would be an excellent choice for your canine friend. If you have a working dog that sleeps outside in a kennel then a waterproof dog..
Ensure Your Dog Does Not Suffer From Dental Disease
It is essential to start a proper oral hygiene regime for dogs and cats from a very early age. At PetCrazy we have an excellent range of dental care products from the famous M&C range, including toothbrushes, paste, teething gels, treats and mouth wash. For a simple regime, apply the toothpaste..
A Guide to Giving Your Dog a Healthy Diet
 Making sure you choose the right food for your dog is very important for its health and condition. It doesn’t need to be a chore feeding your adult dog as there are lots of foods available, with new varieties being introduced all the time. How do I choose my dogs food? A good way..
Ten Top Tips for Dog Owners
 Owning a dog can be one of the most exciting experiences for any human being, but all dog owners and prospective dog owners must remember that looking after your beloved dog is a lifetime commitment, and he or she will need to be cared for throughout their life. Here are ten tips that should..
7 Foods Your Dog or Cat Should Avoid
 We all like to give our pets treats, but giving your pet the wrong food can cause stomach upsets and illness. This article tells you about seven foods that you should avoid feeding to your dog or cat. Milk The majority of dogs and cats love the taste of milk, but it is not something..
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